Friday, April 11, 2008

Ring the Merry Bells

When I checked Caliban's blog just over an hour ago I was greeted with the greatest news. Australia is to have its first woman bishop as an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Perth. Archdeacon Kay Goldsworthy will be consecrated on May 22. She was one of the first women priests in Australia in 1992 when she was ordained by the then Archbishop of Perth, Peter Carnley. He was never forgiven by the Jensenites even when he became Primate. They tried to stop the next ordination which was in the Diocese of Goulburn which is in the Province of NSW by going to court. They obtained an injunction which forced a delay but did not prevent the inevitable. I attended that ordination and it was one of the most joyful services I have ever attended. I pray that the consecration of Kay Goldsworthy in May will be equally joyful. Her choice is an answer to my prayers, praise God.
Bishop Forsyth of South Sydney has commented (why is it always him who speaks to the press?).
He said it would create "difficulties" in keeping the church together. If it means we get rid of Jensen and his mates, who cares. The true inclusive Anglican church will remain.
As Boaz says they are bringing discredit to the Christian church and driving people away with their silly antics.

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