Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have received honours from Grendel who really is the bestest dog in the whole world - (the Arte Y Pico Award) and also Father Christian Troll (Kick Ass Bloggers). While feeling highly honoured, I do not think I will follow the rules and pass them on. I could give them to any of those in my blog list on the right. I visit them frequently and gain much information and insight from them. However I am not sure who has already received the awards so will just give my awards to all of them. There are other blogs I would like to add but I am spending far too much time at the computer as it is.

I also feel highly honoured by all those who answered my request in the last post but especially Elizabeth Keaton. I am honoured that such a wonderful person even visits my blog let alone takes time to advise.

At the moment I will go, but I did not sleep well last night thinking about it. For many years I sat through sermons wondering if this was to be the one which would insult my sexuality and cause me to storm out. It is so wonderful now to know that I am in an inclusive church that welcomes " all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or religion" I guess +Forsyth will not preach a controversial sermon and even if he did I would know I am surrounded by those who support me, however I will be nervous all the same.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Oh, my dear man. Have you not heard Bishop Gene when he says that God loves you more than your wildest imaginings?

It is true. I swear it is so.

No matter what you choose to do, you will be surrounded in prayer on Sunday.

Davis said...

Yes, Brian, at this moment you're either already there or on your way.

We are the Church - not any particular bishop, or priest or layperson. The We bit is important as it's when we are together; working together; praying together; listening together, that we become what Christ asks us to be.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Brian - I want you to know that St. George's Chapel, Haberson, DE, the little community church where I worship in the summer prayed for you this morning. I think I speak for many when I say that you have been much in my heart and in my prayers.

Brian R said...

Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I believe the prayers were answered, see my next post coming soon.