Friday, September 26, 2008

In Bruges - Guns

No, sadly I have not set off on new travels, I just went to the movies.
I belong to a movie club which costs me (I think) $10 per year and gives me cheap admission and if I attend 5 movies at this theatre in 3 months, the fifth is free. It mainly shows art house movies, often in other languages.
Since returning from Europe I have seen (my ratings)
And When did you last see your Father(7)
Unfinished Sky (6)
The Visitor (8)
The Band's Visit (7)
and so had to see my 5th and free movie before the end of September.
I visited Bruges in 1974 and have a photo I took of it hanging on my wall. I visited again for just a few hours last year. So although the reviews talked about language and violence I decided to take the risk. I left in a state of shock. The views of Bruges were lovely but the trivia on IMDV says
"The word 'f..k' and its derivatives are said 126 times in this 107-minute film, an average of 1.18 'f..ks' per minute." I suppose it is a lifetime of telling students to mind their language. I do not mind an occasional use to give authenticity but....

I think I read on IMDB that there were 11 deaths, I only counted 6 but then I know I missed an important one to the story at the end when I had my eyes closed. It is not just the deaths, it is all the detail of blood etc. I have to keep telling myself it is just make believe but as stated usually close my eyes. Also each death seemed to take hours and involve at least 10 gun shots with all the grisly detail.

No, it was not entertainment for me. I wonder if these types of movies lead to the horrible massacres such as occurred in Finland this week. Such events hit home when they occur in some place with which you identify and I was in Finland in May. I was in Washington at the time of the Virginia Massacre. The news says that Finland is only behind the USA and one other country in number of guns per population. I remember my host telling me that Finns are keen hunters and believe owning guns is a right (sounds familiar)
Australia has had its terrible massacres leading to strict control of hand guns which was one time I applauded the detestable Prime Minister Howard. I do not want to speak too soon but at the moment we have a group of teenagers before the courts who attacked students and teachers at a nearby school earlier this year with baseball bats etc. There were injuries and trauma but no deaths. The results may have been different if they had access to guns. I have only been in one school where a gun was involved and it was a replica but very traumatic to the young teacher and nearby students. I am even nervous when travelling on the train next to a policeman who must carry his gun when in uniform.

I will choose my movies more carefully in future.

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