Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sensible Archbishop

Oh that the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, were Archbishop of New South Wales.
Most of you have probably read his latest remarks but I do want to applaud him and stress these parts.
The Scriptures are primary but we read them informed by reason, tradition and from our cultural context as others read them from the perspective of their culture. God’s eternal word to us is Jesus and therefore we read and interpret the Scriptures in His light.
Why is it that as far as Anglicanism is concerned, we do not interpret the Scriptures literally when it comes to issues such as usury or marriage and divorce to name but two, but insist on a literal interpretation of texts that allegedly deal with homosexuality. It is difficult to believe that we have boxed ourselves into this particular corner. Allegorical, symbolical and mythical interpretations are allowed and have been allowed from the time of the Fathers to the present day for every part of the Bible, except for those that deal with sexuality and one is also left wondering why there cannot be diversity on this issue as on so many other moral issues.

GAFCON members do not believe in engaging in dialogue with people with whom they disagree on human sexuality because it means being open to the possibility that the position of one’s opponent might be true when the plain sense reading of Scripture shows in their view that it is not.

the consecration of a bishop living in a same-gender union has caused deep upset and outrage and questions both the view of Scripture and tradition, has hampered mission in some parts of the Communion and led to the persecution of Christians in others, and has impaired ecumenical relationships as our Roman Catholic observers told us.
On the other hand, in other places, it has sent positive messages about the place of homosexuals in God’s church. (my bold)

The whole of his sermon is well worth reading and pondering. O Excellent Archbishop.

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