Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank you

Jørn Utzon, AC (9 April 1918 – 29 November 2008)
A son of Denmark , honoured by Australia

"Joern Utzon was a visionary architect whose legacy includes one of the world's most spectacular and inspiring buildings, the Sydney Opera House.

Standing proudly on the edge of Sydney Harbour the opera house is one of the most internationally recognised symbols of our nation.

Today I honour him and his creation and know that all Australians will join me in celebrating his legacy."

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd


June Butler said...

May Joern rest in peace and rise in glory. It's a gorgeous building, which seems perpetually poised to take flight.

Brian R said...

Yes, Grandmere. It is a case of familiarity can breed contempt. I have passed it or attended shows in it thousands of times but sometimes I try to look at it as if seeing it for the first time. Of course I also watched it slowly rise in the 60's so have never had the wonder of seeing it for the first time. Seeing it floodlit at night is beautiful and last night the lights were dimmed in memory of Joern. Today the flags on the Harbour Bridge opposite are at half mast.

Fran said...

Rest in peace Jorn.

I was just about to put up a guest post from another Aussie and wanted to link to you and saw you had this up as well.

I love what you say in response to Mimi's comment. To look at all things as if seeing them for the first time is a good way to be.

Mountjoy said...

Having grown up with the Opera House alwasy "there", images of it were amongst my most cherished during my five years spent abroad. Little was I to know I would never live in Sydney again, but each time I visit, Utzon's magical palace still takes my breath away.