Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Advent Blogging

I read Pluralist Speaks and felt very depressed. I must admit I have trouble understanding his blogs. My university degrees are in mundane subjects of Economics, Geography, Education and Librarianship and I do not easily follow philosophical discussions. However Adrian indicated he does not believe in a supernatural being yet he attends Anglican services twice on Sunday and I think 2 or 3 times per week. Any comment I feel like making would sound like it comes from the fundamentalists both he and I dislike. I rarely attend actual services more than once per week although I do go to courses which are run by the church mid-week from time to time. I attend the Eucharist to come closer to God. I rarely do more than nod to anyone else in the Church and have no idea of the names of the people with whom I exchange the peace greeting every week nor anything about them. I have gone down to coffee afterwards but stood there without speaking to a soul. I prefer to go to a nearby coffee shop where the coffee is better, though more expensive and the barista does say hullo. I cannot imagine going to Church if I did not believe in God. My sister joins me in church about once per month and we go to coffee together afterwards. After 3 years as a parishioner , the Rector still says "Nice to see you" and nothing more each week. I have had some brief discussions with the Assistant Priest and he is much more friendly and approachable and does indicate that he recognises me as a regular. This is partly my fault, I have always been a bit of a wallflower until I get to know people and I have learned to keep apart from church people because of the general attitude to gays in the Sydney Diocese.
Anyway I feel sad that someone goes to church several times per week yet apparently believes none of it.

Much happier blog reading came from Telling Secrets. Again our rector's sermon on Advent Sunday was hard to follow, he preaches at top speed. What I understood was good but I have forgotten it now. It was delightful to read such a meaningful and down to earth sermon by Elizabeth Keaton who had such a wise Grandmother. Then I enjoyed the very meaningful "Interview with God" posted by Robert at musings with an episcopal padre. A lot to think about there and beautiful pictures.

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Fran said...

What a lovely post Brian. It is interesting to consider what Advent meant due to timing and such in Australia when you were a teacher.