Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to any Mums reading.

I felt a little sad this morning when I picked up the City Paper off the lawn and found a sticker attached "Forget saying it with flowers today, Just say it". Of course it was an advert for the telephone company.
It is now nearly 3 years since Mum departed this life but I will always miss her and wish I could ring her as I did nearly every day for over 30 years. One photo taken in the 1980's, the other on her last Christmas with us.
Love you Mum.


Leonard said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, Brians Mom and please give MOTHERS DAY GREETING to Leonardos Mom look as if you´re probably friends.

Fran said...

This post made me cry. God bless your Mum in heaven, God bless you.

Brian R said...

Thanks Leonardo and Fran.