Friday, July 31, 2009

Arguments against Religion

Hat tip to The Three Legged Stool

There is a line in the great literary work Brideshead Revisited. Charles has been listening to the dinner conversation at the Marchmain table. After Bridie finishes talking about religion, Charlies replies: "You know, Bridie, if ever I were thinking of becoming a Catholic, one conversation with you would end that."

It's sad, but like Bridie, one of the best arguments against religion is Peter Jensen.

I could add Phillip Jensen and the many others in control of the Diocese of Sydney. Throw in Cardinal Pell as well and you can understand why Sydney is known as a godless city.

I have been uncomfortable with Father Dave's Boxing groups and he and I have discussed that at Caliban's Dream. However I guess there are many ways to assist young people. I congratulate him heartily on his recent attempts to provide a forum to at least listen to gay people.

The Jensen's only listen to hate mongerers like Akinola.


Fran said...

*deep sigh*

Religion - what a mess. And yet, I persist.

As many of us do.

Leonard said...

I think many of these obsessed and purity driven folks don´t really want to discuss what purity represents (in their daily lives)...a little more personal/experience witness ought to get their heads on straight...who in the World is interested in listening to a bunch of holier than thou types rant on and on about other people endlessly? There is no attraction in that (except for likeminded feardriven groupies).

Davis said...

Yes, Fran, we persist...

I couldn't have thought of a better quote, Brian, than that one. It is the behaviour and intolerance of our fellow Christians that continues to drive people from Christ.