Sunday, July 05, 2009

Missed Opportunity

This morning at Sung Eucharist, it was not until I was leaving that I realised the couple sitting across the aisle from me were the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd and his wife. They are off to Italy tomorrow and will be meeting yet again with world leaders including President Obama and this time the Pope.

I am not one to wander around the church at the sign of peace, I just exchange with those closest to me so I missed my opportunity to shake hands with the Prime Minister especially when he will be shaking so many important hands next week.

I could have asked him about same-sex marriages but that would be rude when he is there to worship. There were no TV cameras at the door when we left (before him) so perhaps even the newshounds did not know his plans for today. His Commonwealth car with Aussie Flag was outside but not when we went in so they must have arrived after us.
The security personnel were less obvious than on Christmas day perhaps due to the smaller numbers in church.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Mum's death, 3 years ago, and her name was on the service sheet so I have a good feeling that the Prime Minister prayed for her during the prayers of the faithful even if he did not actually read down the names.

Yesterday I attended an all-day seminar on "Is Scripture Enough?" It was organised by our church but the speakers came from Trinity College, Melbourne. However Rev Michael Jensen (son of our Archbishop) was there and took part in a panel discussion. Very interesting but I will need to blog in more detail in a few days (am going hiking as usual tomorrow).


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that our PM and his family can worship undisturbed and scarcely noticed. When I Canberra, he attends St John's, Reid. Sadly the newshounds know this and too often jump him for a comment on something as he emerges from church.

Brian R said...

Yes I expected he would be at St James on Christmas Day because the cameras were set up at the door when I arrived and I knew they were staying at Kirribilli House for Christmas/New year. The family sat at the back and left quickly at the end. Last Sunday he was nearer the middle, of course a much smaller congregation and we left before them.