Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

From Sydney, Australia.

The New Year is nearly 9 hours old here now.
As usual I was home alone, watched the 9pm children's fireworks on TV then went to bed and set the alarm to watch the Midnight Fireworks.
Went to the city yesterday and met my sister to see "Bright Star" then have lunch. The movie theatre is near the Opera House and at midday people were already queueing for vantage points by the harbour. Not for me, I am afraid.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Brian. Hope NZ is kind to you. Don't grieve too much for your loss of Sydney Calvinism. But you've got to admit it makes religion interesting! Where would you find 2 personalities like Peter and Phillip Jensen? Well at least in democratic societies!

All the best

June Butler said...

Happy 2010, Brian. I pray your move goes smoothly. I don't think you'll miss the Jensens.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Who would have thought that under those glorious fireworks is the world's maddest religious sect.

Anonymous said...

May your 2010 be graced and blessed

Leonard said...

Brian, Happy New Year!

(The Jensens makes me wonder if there has been a rush of American Southern Baptist bigots immigrating to Australia...just who is the audience they pander to?).

motheramelia said...

A Blessed New Year Brian. Have a good move. Hope we meet some time in this new year.