Friday, March 19, 2010

Jensen comments : no surprise there

Peter Jensen who is titled Archbishop of Sydney has issued a tirade against the Episcopal Church and the confirmation of the election of Mary Glasspool as Bishop.

Well no surprise from this high priest of hate. I will no longer personally acknowledge his title.  I am overjoyed to have left the diocese he purports to lead. The gospel of hate preached by him and his cohorts has caused me and many others so much grief over the years.

I have met and read and heard Bishop Gene Robinson and consider his work and preaching to be an example of true Christian Love. From what I read, Mary Glasspool is like minded. I rejoice in the news that she is to be a bishop.

I only weep for the many people in Sydney who are turned away from Christ by the words and antics of the Jensenites. Some have found acceptance in other churches including MCC who has many ex-Anglicans among its members, many have lost their faith and a few (two I knew personally) have resorted to suicide. This is the evil that is generated by these so called ministers.

I thank God for keeping me safe through the years of living in that diocese and finally leading me to one of the parishes which do not toe the Jensen line.
Although the parishioners of St James, King Street are generally polite, there is always a titter of amusement throughout the congregation if Peter Jensen is mentioned and while he is prayed for in the usual way during the prayers of the faithful, most privately use the immortal words of 'Fiddler on the Roof' that Peter Jensen 'be kept far away from us'.

The only words of his that are worth quoting are:
"The election of Bishop Robinson in 2003 was not an aberration to be corrected in due course. It was a true indication of the heart of the Church and the direction of its affairs."

And I praise God that this is so. 

There are a number of reasons why I would not and could not move to live in Los Angeles but as already described in previous posts I have found a diocese in Dunedin and a Bishop who teaches and displays God's Love for all of Creation.

Sadly I now find it hard to recognise Jensen et al as even Christians. Their teachings display none of the Love of Christ found in the Gospels. Unlike them I do not pretend to know the mind of God but I do believe in His infinite Mercy. I will pray that they experience it and are turned from their thoughts of hate..


June Butler said...

Brian, I'm so pleased for you that you are in a diocese and a church where you hear preached the Gospel of the love of Christ.

Anonymous said...

"Archbishop" Mr Jensen causes "titters of amusement" around the Anglican Communion. Long may he promote laughter among us, along with his menial slaves like Dobby Ould. They are truly funny men.

Doorman-Priest said...

He'd do the Gospel a greater service if he shut up.

Anonymous said...

Brian, you must feel liberated from all the Sydney hatred that you've endured in God's name. I'm glad you've found the real Christian God of love and acceptance. I hope you got to watch this ABC Compass
show called for the 'Bible Told Me So'
Interestingly enough, it's not available to read or watch at present! I wonder why? The story is about 6 families in the US, who have come to terms with one of their children being gay, and the sentiment (in general) is one of holding evangelical right wing predjudical pastors accountable for the propagation of hate. It is the most powerful thing I've seen for a long time and also very sad. One mother had to lose her daughter to suicide before she could accept her as a lesbian.

All the best Brian


Brian R said...

Thanks Sydneysider. Saw that film at St James, King Street early last year.
A friend taped the Compass program and plans to send it to me