Monday, March 01, 2010


Unless I used the flash my little camera would only work  in the cathedral after a lot of beeping so the only photos I have is the one I took before the service commenced while the choir was practising and from outside the cathedral afterwards as Bishop Kelvin was shaking hands at the door.
I sat next to the wife of the Bishop of Nelson. Nelson is the evangelical diocese of New Zealand but I do not think is as extreme as Sydney (that would be hard).

It was very impressive. I was a little disappointed that none of the bishops wore their mitres (except Kelvin after it was presented to him). I have never been in the presence of so many bishops before. New Zealand has three archbishops, one Maori, one Polynesian and one Pakeha (white). The Polynesian Archbishop died earlier this month so just two presided.

The Cathedral senior and junior choirs combined with the choir of St John's Roslyn which I thought was a nice touch.  After the procession of choirs then cathedral staff, diocesan clergy, visiting clergy, and bishops which took forever,  Kelvin walked in with his wife, followed by his adult children and other family members and many parishioners of St John's.

The preacher was a lay parishioner of St John's,  a young man who was very good. I hope it will be online later.  He began by describing how one is advised to count the silver after guests have left a dinner party.  Last November St John's was asked to host the Synod meeting which was to elect a new bishop. When the synod left, they had stolen our vicar.

In his speech of thanks Bishop Kelvin said he began as he stood at the back of the cathedral by being overawed at a cathedral packed with people, the Organ voluntary followed by the Maori karanga (greeting sung by a woman) ringing through the cathedral. Then when the Gospel was read and he turned to face the congregation he saw that in his words "it was just you, all my friends".

And more important - from Kelvin himself


Anonymous said...

That Bishop is dressed like an Anglican!

motheramelia said...

Good pictures in spite of your camera. I like the fact that your bishop is wearing his mitre to greet at the door.

I have a good friend whose family is from Nelson and he speaks of the rigidity of the evangelical churches there and the church he grew up in. As a gay man he eventually became an Anglican (and he doesn't live in Nelson any more.)

Birdie said...

Kelvin lay prostrate on the marble floor for his ordination and said he felt "utterly, utterly accepted and loved." What finer words could be spoken about God's love for all and each of us! Thank you for sharing your words and his.

Leonard said...

I like ¨the mitre at the door¨ adds so much extra feeling and atmosphere at already very Holy places and moments in time.

Thanks for the peek inside.