Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Will

I have just sent a message to Anglicare, the social arm of the Diocese of Sydney.
This was in response to  a news item this weekend.
"The chief executive of Anglicare, Peter Kell, cites a child's need for both a mother and father among the 11 reasons why same-sex couples should not be given the same rights as heterosexual couples under adoption law."

My message was:
'About 15 years ago I drew up a will giving half my assets (about $xxxxxx) to Anglicare. This has been an increasing worry to me. I am glad to report that 2 weeks ago I drew up a new will giving those assets to Anglican Family Care, Dunedin. 
I have recently moved to the Diocese of Dunedin where Bishop Kelvin Wright, now a friend, often preaches in favour of gay acceptance and a partnered gay man is an assistant priest in the cathedral and regularly preaches and presides. They preach the Gospel of Love rather than the gospel of hate preached in the Sydney Diocese.  While living in Sydney I was a parishioner of St James, King Street, an island of sanity within the diocese, but it sickened me to think that any of my money should be used in the name of the Diocese.'

If you are interested, the remainder of my assets go to my sister but, in the event of her pre-deceasing me, to Medecins Sans Frontieres.  Sadly I am increasingly wary of giving my money to Church welfare agencies unless I can be sure they act without ulterior motives.

I should post them this excellent piece by my internet friend Betty (Birdie)


but it would be throwing pearls before swine.

I hope to meet up with Birdie while visiting Chicago.


motheramelia said...

Good for you

Fran said...

Good for you is right! Good that you made the change, good that you were clear with him about it!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Noble Wolf. They'd only use your money to discriminate against someone.

Birdie said...

I'm glad you told them why you made your decision as you did. One voice, but perhaps among many. I wish all would speak up as you did.

Thank you so much for the kind remarks.