Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Sad Day

Yesterday the Christchurch Cathedral was deconsecrated. This is to allow for its partial demolition which will enable the removal of many valuable and heritage items.

I first attended the  Cathedral on November 5th, 2006. By chance they were celebrating 125 years since the cathedral was consecrated. I took the photo below on October 24th,  my first day in New Zealand after I had decided to move here permanently, my mother having died 3 months earlier.  It happens to be the first photo I ever took with my first digital camera.

I would have seen the cathedral on visits to Christchurch in 1967, 1970 and 1973 but do not remember going inside. They were state school tours and a visit would  not have greatly interested most 16 year olds.

I worshipped there again on January 16 this year. The September earthquake had done some damage but nothing compared to what happened on February 22.

I am sad at its loss and can only feel sorry for those to whom it meant so much in their spiritual life. Of course the very name of the city shows the importance of the cathedral.

I refer to Liturgy for a discussion of "deconsecration". All beyond my understanding.  I just feel very sad.


Eric Kyte said...

Sad day indeed Brian
Thank you for the post

June Butler said...

A sad day, indeed, Brian. I'm sure that those who worshiped there feel the loss deeply.

JCF said...

I feel for you and the people (believers or not) in Christchurch...

...but from Death comes Resurrection. I truly believe that.

(Doesn't mean that "3 days in the tomb" isn't painfully long and anxious though)

Birdie said...

So it will be completely demolished? How sad to lose such a magnificent landmark and place of worship! A new era will begin for this congregation; let us pray that it is one of great spiritual growth.

Davis said...

God-willing a new and beautiful cathedral will take it's place.