Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Christians!

Sometimes I could cringe. I have begun volunteering on our local tourist railway which runs 6 hour trips up the gorge for cruise ships (83 this season) I will write about this one day.

Soon after they board at the wharf, we serve sparking wine, orange juice or a mixture. The co-host in my carriage, who knew I go to church, told me that one group said to her. "We do not drink alcohol, we are Christians."
My comment to her "I am a Christian and I love wine."
Naturally we are not allowed to drink while working on the train.

There can be many reasons why people do not drink alcohol and I respect most of them. "No thanks, I do not drink, orange juice for me" would have been an easy (and common) response. 
This was not a good way to witness to the Gospel.


Calamity Jane said...

In all though one glass of wine would make you a sinner! You'd at least have to have two!
But they may be ex-alcoholics using orthodoxy as an anti - addiction program!
When are you returning to sydney Brian... I would like to meet you.

Brian R said...

Hi Calam
I once acted in "Calamity Jane" and had the line "Hi ya Calam, whaja bring us today?" :-)
I am flying to Sydney on Dec 22 and returning on Jan 2. A busy time I know. Have also booked to fly over on April 2, back on April 26 but will be spending about a week to 10 days after Easter travelling, probably in Western NSW. My email is on my profile.