Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mount Cargill

Yesterday I finally climbed Mt Cargill.  It is the highest mountain in the Dunedin area. I can see it from my front gate and last week it  was covered in snow.  You can drive to the top, the TV mast is there,  and I did so with my sister back in March but it was covered in cloud. Yesterday we went up the hard way on foot, shorter but steeper. It is is 676 metres high and the carpark, where we started, is approximately 100 metres.

This photo is not mine and shows the Mountain in mid-winter, much like 2 weeks ago..

We sat on the sunny north side for lunch and I took this photo looking north to Blueskin Bay and beyond.

Then we went to the top where there was still some ice on the road.

A view of Otago Harbour

A view of the city of Dunedin

A closeup of the suburb of Brockville.  My house is about the centre of the photo.

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Hilda said...

This is gorgeous!