Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Social media?

I have been thinking about this post since an incident on the hike to Mt Cargill ( so it has taken 3 weeks).  At morning tea, half way up the mountain, one lady took a mobile (cell phone) call.  I was not the only one who declared that, although we had our mobiles with us, they were not turned on.
We only carry them for emergency.  Except when I am travelling I just turn mine on once per day in case there is a message.  Most months go by and there are no calls out or in.  Ocasionally I realise I have left it at home but am only concerned in case my car breaks down.  I can think of no other reason to use it.
I never talk long on my home phone.  I have always been uncomfortable making phone calls and put them off if possible.  I only use it to ring tradesmen and to make arrangements to meet a friend. I do use Skype to chat with my sister in Sydney every morning but she does most of the talking.

The same people were amazed that I have my computer on from the time I get up to the time I go to bed.  I turn it off when I go out but will check for emails at least  once per hour when I am at home.  They told me, and I know from having sent them emails,  that they only turn their computers on a few times per week. They only email close friends and family and use google for occasional research. Some have Skype because they have children living overseas but have no intention of joining any online group.

I have my blog but blogs seem to have lost favour.  There are almost no comments now, although I see there are still quite few views each day.  I laugh that the most commonly viewed post is the one I made back in November 2008 about the flags of Australia and New Zealand (45 in the past week).  I am glad I am still fulfilling my role as a teacher.

I use email to keep in contact with friends.  I like to read their messages and enjoy replying.  I usually take time to create an email.  I have never tried Twitter.

I did join Facebook but could not accept receiving messages about inane topics.  I do not want to know the weather in New York everyday nor that people are going to bed.  It took ages to remove myself yet nearly every day I receive a message asking if I am on Facebook.  Also nearly every day there are news items about the dangers of Facebook.

Even our church is now on Facebook and the webpage is so out of date it is a disgrace so of little use.

I belong to one or two online groups where I can read friends' messages but in my own time and when I am in the mood.  Even there I am concerned at the information some put up.  One lady is now giving us great detail about her problems with her sons and drugs.  All her readers are on different continents so can do very little to help.  As the police are now involved, I think the less information online the better.

I enjoy meeting and chatting with friends while hiking or over coffee.  While I am glad I have overseas friends and have enjoyed meeting with them, it is unrealistic to think they can ever replace  friends whom I can meet regularly in the flesh.  I prefer to talk with people face to face.

I guess I am showing my age.

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