Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Sermon by Father jake

I am finding such wonderful gems in the world of Blogs
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Grendel said...

Hi, Brian Ralph!

You seem to have two first names. Merry Christmas! Are you a Dog Acceptor? Do you like Gravy? What is your best Christmas present?

Love and Gravy,


Brian R said...

Thanks Grendel for visiting my blog, I regularly visit yours as I am a Dog Acceptor and like Gravy but sadly cannot have my own dog as my house is on the edge of the bush with no fences. I would be scared my dog might be attacked by snakes or bush ticks. When I was little my best pal, Laddie a cocker spaniel, was killed by a tick. Also I go away a lot and it would be difficult if my dog was always being abandoned like you think you are at the moment. I hope you enjoyed Christmas with the other dogs you are visiting.
Love and Gravy

Brian (cannot help and do not really like the other first name but it separates me from all the other human Brians)

Grendel said...

Hi, Brian Raphael!

You notice I used your real Angel Name as you must be named for an angel, a really important one, too.

I am sorry about the Bush that does not Accept Dogs. Good Grief that must be a Big Bush! What kind of Bush is it? Does it surround the Whole House? Does it have Fruit? Is it Prickly? Does it Smell Bad?

I am very sorry about Laddie. Did the Tick Beat him Up? I will go Beat Up ticks in Solidarity (a big word my mom explained to me, as it is Important.)

I saw the pictures of You Going Away. It looked like fun--you must be Awfully Jolly!

PS the RatDogs are Not So Bad.

Love and Gravy,