Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Wishes

I am one of those people who send out the annual Christmas letter. I know some make fun of these but for a number on my list, it is my only contact although in my past they were usually fellow workers or students who were very important in my daily life. I like to discover what they have been up to during the year and hopefully they enjoy my missive.
I now have a number of friends for whom I have no snail mail address and, as I use a Macintosh and do my typing in Appleworks, are unable to open any attachments I send them. Therefore I have posted my 2007 letter at
Please feel free to read it and take it as a personal message to you.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2008 to all.


Doorman-Priest said...

And Season's greetings from over the pond to you.

Davis said...

What a lovely Christmas letter!

Alcibiades said...

Thanks for your great Christmas letter - the photos of Paris and Monet's garden make me determined to go back there again - and soon.

God bless you, and thanks for taking taking the time to say hello in the past year - you really have been an encouragement and inspiration.

Brian R said...

It has also been great for me to find someone who understands in the Sydney Diocese. It was my good friend Davis (previous comment) who directed me to your blog. I am glad you have been able to find time to visit here while in NZ, I know how hard it can be needing to use internet cafes. Hopefully we can meet in RL after you return. God's Blessings

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too late to send Christmas greetings from another part of Christendom, geographically and theologically.

I've taken the liberty of reading your letter - I'm envious of the travels and the garden, all looks wonderful.

At least I can send best wishes for 2008.

Brian R said...

Thanks Liftthineeyes, never too late for greetings. God's blessings for 2008 to you and yours.