Friday, April 11, 2008

Letters to the Herald re Justice Kirby

I will copy here the letters criticising the Rev Lane. I will not besmirch my blog by copying those in support, 2 from his classmates at Moore College where the Gospel of Hate is taught. Any readers who want. can go and find the ravings of these pharisees for themselves
The good reverend: Pharisee or God's messenger?
However the link will not work after a day when the letters are archived.

As a member of the Anglican Church and a recently elected member of the synod, the abuse of Justice Michael Kirby saddens me ("Admit your sins to the Lord, priest tells gay judge", April 10). The Reverend Richard Lane's attack, as reported, is the language of the Pharisees, whom Christ drove from the temple. Unfortunately these attitudes and language are typical of the Sydney archdiocese, as seen in the recent letter of the bishops justifying them not going to Lambeth. Long known for its patriarchal and implacable opposition to the ordination of women, the Anglican Church in Sydney under its current leadership has become obsessed with matters of sexuality and sexual preferences. The church should focus on its real mission of love, compassion and dialogue, extending Communion and the faith to all.
Geoffrey Sherington Willoughby East

I read about Justice Kirby and the Anglican rector - then checked my diary, to confirm not the date, but the century. I thought I must have had an accident on the way to work, suffered a Life On Mars episode and woken up in the Middle Ages.

Harvey Sanders Paddington

As absurd as the entire concept is, I'd rather spend eternity in hell with Michael Kirby than a minute in heaven with Richard Lane. Homosexuality was not invented. It is real and has been around for much longer than religion. Such intolerance is sickening.

Sean Woodland Forestville

Richard Lane should skip calling upon Michael Kirby to "repent" his gayness and urgently beg forgiveness for his own hubris. Somehow, a century of biblical analysis and social observation seems to have passed Sydney's evangelicals by, leaving one wondering about the future of this extremist rump of Christian anachronism. Their obsessions and irrelevancies grow odder by the day.

George Pugh Redfern

Justice Kirby, take consolation in the knowledge that you are a wonderful human being, a gifted jurist and a great Australian. If there is a god, and I greatly doubt it, she will be far more critical of those who preach hatred in her name than those who she obviously made gay.

John Norris Longueville

The thing I find extraordinary is not the ignorance and bigotry of Richard Lane, Peter Jensen and George Pell. It is that someone with the intelligence and wisdom of Justice Michael Kirby would want to be associated with them.

Brad Parry Culburra Beach


Melinda McJames said...

Praise God that Micheal Kirby perserveres in proclaiming Christ despite the persecution and Unchristian attitudes of the likes of "the Rev'd" Mr Lane. I have had the pleasure of being introduced to Micheal Kirby at a couple of functions and he is such a charming and gracious person, more power to him.

Davis said...

My God, have they no shame?!