Sunday, July 06, 2008

A brave priest

One priest in the Sydney Diocese is willing to speak out. He is Rev Chris Albany of St Mark's Anglican Church, South Hurstville.
He speaks out in his sermons (see 15 June 2008) and he has written the following in the Sydney Morning Herald Letters July 5. (This link will probably change when archived.)
Unrepresented still

Peter Jensen says "Some in Australia will say, what has this to do with me? That has never been the way of the Anglican Communion …" Nor has it been the way of the Communion to refuse to meet those with whom one disagrees. I, with more than 1000 Sydney Anglicans, petitioned the archbishop and his fellow Sydney bishops earlier this year not to boycott the Lambeth Conference. I repeat that call publicly. We need our bishops to be part of that conference to contribute to and benefit from its rich, complex and diverse engagement with fellow bishops. We are told that after GAFCON there is no split in the Anglican Communion. Not attending Lambeth leads to the perception that there is.

Reverend Chris Albany

South Hurstville

One of our own Honorary Associate Priests, Rev John Beer, was quite scathing in his criticism of our Archbishop and the whole GAFCON mob in his sermon this morning (I felt like standing up and cheering)
Our Rector made a more muted criticism at the beginning of his sermon 2 weeks ago.

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