Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer and Bishops

In wandering around the blogs, I found this amusing comment. I will not link to the person as he is from the Diocese of Nelson and has the usual evangelical views which set my teeth on edge these days. However he is referring to priests and bishops in the diocese of Christchurch.

In the 1950s the priest was rung by Bishop Warren to ask if he would like to be the Vicar of Woolston. Woolston being an excellent evangelical fit, he promptly said 'yes', to which the bishop replied, 'shouldn't you pray first?'

Some years went by and the next Bishop of Christchurch rang and said, 'I want you to go to Twizel.' Twizel being a little remote etc, the priest said to the bishop, 'I would like to pray about that.' To which the bishop replied, 'we have already prayed!'.

The priest went to Twizel!

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