Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On the other hand, a wonderful bishop

My broadband plan gave me 1 Gb per month at 512kbps after which it reduced to dial-up speed (64kbps) until the new month began (actually the 23rd). Since becoming involved in blogs this has been happening earlier and earlier, leaving me with nearly a fortnight of slow and frustrating speed. Knowing I would be away for 2 months I delayed changing the plan. Last Friday (10th), it slowed down and I had to be content with reading about Bishop Gene's sermon at Putney as any attempt to watch it would have been excruciating.

I rang the company to increase my plan to 5 Gb and speed from 512 to 1500kbps (not sure I need that much but it comes with the plan). I remember when I thought 64kbps on a new modem was great. The rules say it would change on the 23rd but the lady on the phone was very nice and offered to upgrade me overnight so today I am back to fast speed (not sure I have the 1500 yet) and was able to watch and hear Bishop Gene without any delays.

Wonderful, wonderful man. I only wish I could have heard such a sermon when I was in my 20's but the times were not right, people did not discuss sexuality and gay sex was illegal anyway.

In case you are someone who has not watched it "Be not afraid"


Fran said...

Greetings! I did see this video and it is priceless. He is a very special voice for all of us - even for an old RC like me.

Brian R said...

Thanks franiam, have added your blog to my list and am enjoying reading

Fran said...

And likewise! We are hanging around with the same lot, although I am but the token RC!

(In my diocese the RC's are liberal and the TEC - well not so much!)

Fran said...

I am clearly obsessed with my denomination mentioning it twice.

Ugh. Signed, feeling foolish!

Brian R said...

As I have pointed out elsewhere, I gained a lot from my 25 years teaching in Catholic schools. I met many Godly, insightful people - priests, brothers and lay. While I did not swim the Tiber, it did make moving to Anglo-catholicism much easier and Franiam, you are very welcome as a blogging friend, no matter how often you mention being RC :-)