Tuesday, October 21, 2008

++Aspinall continues as Primate of Australia

party smileysGreat news which I have lifted from not too much.
On 17 October 2008, the Board of Electors re-elected Archbishop Phillip Aspinall as Primate of the Anglican Church of Australian for a further term of six years.

"To hold this position is an honour and while it comes with a great deal of responsibility it is a challenge I am pleased to accept for the next six years," he said.

Dr Aspinall nominated the ordination of Australia's first two women bishops as a highlight of his first term in office. Dr Aspinall said the Church will continue to have debates and disagreements. "I was privileged to be at Lambeth this year where the majority of the world’s Anglican bishops gathered. The generosity of spirit, companionship and warmth evident there gave me hope that we can work on these issues in a positive way and continue to strengthen the Anglican Communion," said Dr Aspinall.

(Dr Aspinall was first elected in 2005 for three years. Prior to 2005 no fixed term was attached to the position of Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia. However in 2007, in recognising the increasing demands of the position, the General Synod decided to limit each appointment to six years with a possible three year extension.)

Keeps Jensen out of the Primates council. I did not think there was much chance but strange thing do unfortunately happen.
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