Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jensen thinks Sex can be fun but not for the Gays.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald has an article 'God said go forth, multiply - but have fun, too' It is about a committed Christian but sex therapist Patricia Weerakoon.

Part states "God could have made it (sex) such that it was only for reproduction. But he made it so we could have fun. Christians love it when I tell them that. It's liberating but it's also informative."
At the end it finishes:
She even has the conservative Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, in her corner. She was recently invited to his home for dinner and says he recognises that sex is part of being a Christian.

"Just because the church speaks out against homosexual priests and says we would like our young people to keep their lovemaking for marriage, it doesn't mean that they are Victorian or asexual. The church is no longer like that. Sex is good, sex can be fun, and sex continues to be wonderful, even with the one person."

Oh great, Peter is happy for everyone to have sex with the one person as long as that person is of the opposite sex. Nice of him.

Being a bit mistrustful of newspaper articles I googled Ms Weerakoon and discovered her husband (I am guessing, there cannot be many Weerakoons in the Sydney telephone book) is a student at Moore College so that is why she has been invited to dinner with the Bish. Of course he would be toeing the line as we know Jensen does not invite those who do not agree with him to supper.

Then I found this little gem in an article by Ms Weerakoon.

A key aspect of the Christian response is to
see the complexities of gender as a symptom of
a world where the perfect pattern of creation is
marred by human sin. This does not mean that
each individual’s gender and sexuality issues are
inevitably a result of their own sin. That may
or may not be the case; such blanket statements
cannot be made. However, in a broader
theological framework, the difficulties and
problems of human sexuality arise because of
the primary problem of a broken relationship
between God and humanity. Without this
underlying theological truth, there is no
strength to the Christian response.
Pastorally, a Christian starts from the
position of informed compassion and a belief
that God’s love extends to all individuals,
regardless of gender and sexuality. But with
the underlying theological truth that we are
all corrupted by sin, this may sometimes
mean a movement towards change where it is

Oh thank you Ms Weerakoon, I am probably not responsible for my sin of homosexuality but just chosen by God to suffer more than others from the general corruption of mankind. Not the sort of God I believe in.

Having been brought up in this kind of religion spouted by Jensen and Weerakoon I remember praying "I hate you God for making me a homosexual" Thankfully God in Love and Grace showed me there was a place in Creation for homosexuality and God's creation is good.

So Ms Weerakoon and Peter Jensen, I am glad you see sex is good and can be fun but I know it can also be good and fun for those who are same sex attracted and yes you are Victorian.


Cany said...

These moralizers just make me nuts!

James said...

You're both right: the nuts make us nuts.

June Butler said...

This does not mean that
each individual’s gender and sexuality issues are
inevitably a result of their own sin.

Well, that's good to know. Jesus' reply to the questions about who was at fault for the man born blind could apply here, too.

I was going to say stupid, but "nuts" works for me, too.

Brian, it's a true witness to me that so many gays and lesbians stick with God and Christianity, despite the abuse by many so-called "Christians".

Doorman-Priest said...

They are clearly made for each other.

Anonymous said...

Dr Pat Weerakoon has a son, Kamal, at Moore College.
Obadiah Slope

Brian R said...

Thanks Obadiah.