Friday, October 03, 2008

Love to Grendel

My heart is heavy, I have been telling people I have a cyberdoggie Grendel because he said I could. Hugs to his Mom and Da and all who love him both in real life and on cyberspace.
I'm going to have a golden tail
I have to add this comment from Grendel's human guardian, Aghaveagh, over on Madpriest. I do not want to have it lost in the comments:
Grendel was a poet dog. He loved Gravy and St. Laika and Wormwood's Doxy. He fought with the Growlies (the fear of humans that comes from being abused) and while he never totally conquered them, he managed to trust and love us. He had his own blog where he talked of Love and Poetry, of Joy and the wonderful interaction between humans and canines. Oh, and Gravy.

He identified Dog Acceptors and Goopersons. He spread Joy.

He had a Great Life and touched and was touched by many.

He loved the Kittehs. He slept with them and Accepted them. No Problem!

A little dog who touched the hearts of many all over the world. And now Madpriest has created him a saint 'Saint Grendel of the Gravy'.


Fran said...

I know- our hearts are broken. Grendel was very special.

Aghaveagh said...


I've been staying away from the InterTubes for a while because my heart is too sore, bur now now that a couple of week have gone by, I am reading about how much Grendel has touched people.

It only proves the extent to which dogs can affect our lives to the better. Thank God for dogs! And, as Grendel would say, Accept Dogs! Do it now!

Brian R said...

Thank you, Aghaveagh for sharing Grendel with us.