Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brief Holiday

I want to visit the Degas Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Canberra.
Last year I visited the Turner to Monet Exhibition in one day which involved 7 hours driving.
This year I have decided to stay overnight and then go across to the South Coast where my mother lived as a child. We have been researching our ancestors which has become rather involved as we have recently discovered my Grandfather was born out of wedlock. (A terrible disgrace in the 1850's). We know his mother's name but on the birth certificate the father is shown as unknown. There is a father shown on his marriage certificate but was he the father or an adopted father? I could not find my grandfather's birth certificate until an expert in the area suggested searching by the mother's name. This proved him to be 3 years younger than the age we all thought (and recently placed on a gravestone which we had made finally, 60 years after his death).

Anyway my sister has asked to come with me which means, instead of my throwing a few things in a bag and setting off, we have a major production with her driving. My car is not at all comfortable and she has an automatic which I hate.
Sorry will not be reading for a few days.

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Fran said...

Well - I wish you a good journey despite the issues.