Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calamity Jane

To continue with my amateur musical career. In the 2nd half of 1987 we put on Calamity Jane.

I actually got to sing a line early in the first number "The Dead Wood Stage" About 2 minutes in my line was "Hi Ya Calam, What'ja bring us today?"
Although our leading lady was not Doris Day and our coach wasn't going anywhere, it was truly a stagecoach.

I had a lot of costume changes for a bit part player. Later I came in covered in blood, having been shot by Injuns.

Then I was a stage door Johnny accompanying the song "It's Harry I'm planning to marry." I had a different coloured moustache to fool the audience :-)

and later I became a member of the cavalry.

I still have that jacket which I bought at a 2nd hand clothing store although I think it was the wrong colour but what would an Aussie audience know.

As a baritone I loved "The Black Hills of Dakota" It is the only song I have sung where the baritones in the chorus get to sing the tune.

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