Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Pleasant Rendezvous

I had the distinct pleasure today of meeting Alcibiades face to face along with the youngest ducknoodle who is about to celebrate his first birthday in a few weeks. We spent nearly 3 hours chatting, first over coffee then a walk in our city gardens on a very hot day, followed by some more refreshments. Finally a walk past the Opera House to the cinema where I was to meet my sister and see 'Milk'.

It was great to be able to discuss face to face and get to know one another. The internet is a wonderful technology to connect those of like mind around the world but actually being able to meet is much better.


Fran said...

Oh my- I must say that I would love to meet you both. I recently corresponded with Alcibiades as I miss his blogging, but understand his absence.

How delightful to meet in person. I have had many blogger meet ups and it is most gratifying.

Glad you two could do this.

My prayers for your country and the horrible fires and devastation. God have mercy.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I am terribly jealous of BOTH of you! Please give him my regards the next time you interact. I miss his blog posts (though I understand why he's so busy!), and I am always grateful to see a comment from you on my own blog. I love knowing that I have friends "Down Under."