Monday, March 09, 2009

The Amazing Internet

Way back in 1974, I was travelling in India. While staying in New Delhi I took a day tour to the Taj Mahal. On the bus I met Mahendra. Although an Indian, he was living in Malawi and visiting relatives in India. He was staying at the next hotel to me in New Delhi so we joined up for some sightseeing then went to Jaipur together on a very memorable bus trip. In Jaipur the monsoon had set in but we rode an elephant in pouring rain up to the palace. I have a photo somewhere but this one will have to do. Imagine us up on top with umbrellas.

I left Mahendra in Jaipur and took a very slow night train back to New Delhi then went on for 4 months in Europe.
Mahendra desperately wanted to leave Malawi where the Indian people were being persecuted. I made inquiries with our immigration but, before I made much progress, Mahendra was able to migrate to London and then the Australian authorities were no longer interested as he could not longer be classed as a refugee.

We met for dinner on each of my later visits to London in 1976 and 1980. Then we lost contact. Apparently he sent me a letter to the address I left in 1982.

I have now received an email from him as he found me on the 'net'. I thought of him when watching the Taj Mahal sequences in 'Slumdog Millionaire'. It is good to make contact again.

I have also received an email from friends in Johannesburg. We met in Munich in 1980 and attended the Oberammergau Passion Play together. We have maintained a once per year Christmas card although they often went astray and Peter and Kathy have visited Sydney twice. I have never taken up their offer to host me in South Africa. That country frightens me.
However today's email asks whether I would like to join them on a 30 year reunion to Oberramergau and the 2010 Passion Play.
Damn this Global Financial Crisis. I am so tempted as my day at the play in Oberramergau was one of the most wonderful days of my life.


Doorman-Priest said...

What a difference you don't have a photo of you on the elephant.

Aghaveagh said...

I saw the Passion Play at the special 350th year anniversary performance in 1984, although my German was not all that good it was definitely a moving experience. Much better than that movie by that other Australian....

I hope you can go. Remember, it's only money.