Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby on Board

Just a little rant.
This sign on the back of a car window really gets my goat. I do not plan to run up the backside of the car in front because in order:
1. I may injure myself.
2. I will be hit with the repair costs to both the car in front and my own or at least lose my no claim bonus on my insurance.
3. I would be embarrassed at my careless driving.
4. I might get a negligent driving charge.

Only after that would it worry me that I might injure the persons in the car in front including any babies. In fact if they were obeying the law and the baby was correctly fixed into a properly attached baby capsule, it would probably suffer the least injuries.
There, got that off my chest.

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Anonymous said...

We don't have the sign on the car so others are less likely to nose dive into our backside - we have the sign on the car to hopefully discourage them from getting shirty with us if we drive more carefully and don't push speed limits - it's amazing how impatient other drivers are when you actually obey the rules of the road - but forewarned they might just keep their road rage in check.