Friday, March 06, 2009

Christian Witness

I have been reading the discussion on Doorman Priest mainly arguing with a right wing Christian about our attitude to followers of Islam.

Now I have been directed by Franiam to a thought provoking post by Bubs about his experience in New Orleans at Mardi Gras.
Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is on tomorrow night. I once use to attend regularly and even volunteered as a marshal many times (much better view :-) but have not been for many years. It is a long time to stand and a long drive home.
However I digress. I am sure there will be a few right wing Christians making a fool of themselves but the huge crowds enjoying themselves will easily drown them out.

Many years ago I heard the following while training for a Billy Graham Crusade (yes!!!)

Think of a tree standing tall but bare during Winter.
The winter gales blow with all their strength and might apparently trying to move the tree. The tree creaks and groans bending slightly but remains without any signs of life.

Eventually Spring comes and the sun's rays send their gentle warmth to the tree. Change and signs of life begin as the leaves begin to sprout and soon the tree is covered in green growth followed by brilliant flowers and eventually fruit which attracts birds and animals. A tremendous change of life has occurred. My garden is full of deciduous trees (not native to Australia) to remind me of this. An old plum tree near my back door especially. Although the parrots benefit more than me from its fruit.

I feel this is how our Christian witness is to be if there are to be worthwhile results.

Like everyone I read about Islamic fundamentalists regularly in the news and I am filled with revulsion. I do not associate with Islamic people and do not live in the area where they mainly reside. However in 2003-4 I worked with two men (both named Mohammed) who taught Maths where I was the School Librarian. They were two real gentlemen, admired by staff and students. Except for their names the only time they spoke of their faith was at a staff meeting when one lady brought cakes and they were so apologetic that they could not partake due it being Ramadan.
Whenever I feel angry about Islamic terrorists I try to balance my feelings with my knowledge of the two Mohammeds with whom I worked.

Similarly I believe I can witness to Christ, not by knocking on stranger's doors nor ranting and raving about other's sins but by letting my acquaintances gently know that I am a Christian and hopefully being a good example of Christ's Love.

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Fran said...

Oh my, I am late to this Brian, but wow, what a post. Thanks for the link. I am glad that you read Bubs' post, I thought it was brilliant.

And yours is as well... living by example and not by dictate.

Since it is already Monday in Australia, your birthday is even closer!