Friday, February 26, 2010

Ordination of Bishop

I have written before of the new Bishop of Dunedin, Kelvin Wright, who was Vicar of St John's Roslyn. I have been worshipping there since my arrival in Dunedin.  I have been following his blog for several years.
His ordination as Bishop will be in the cathedral on Saturday at 1pm.
It will be webcast live at
from 1pm NZ time (7pm Friday New York and Midnight in London)
He has blogged about his preparation this week.
Please pray for him.

Interview in today's Otago Daily Times

What a man.

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motheramelia said...

You must be feeling so good about the church leadership in Dunedin as compared to Sydney. Wright seems as though he will be a fine bishop. Loved the interview and how he was elected. Obvious that the Holy Spirit was involved.