Sunday, July 06, 2008

Family Matters

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Mum's passing into God's care. My sister joined me at the Eucharist at St James and was pleased to see I had put Mum's name on the service sheet in the list of 'Those whose year's mind falls about this time'.

The Offertory hymn was 'Be Thou My Vision' which we sung at Mum's memorial service. Mum chose it partly because she loved it but also because she knew it is my favourite hymn. Tears streamed down both our faces as we sung it.
It was the last day of our temporary music director (one of our organists, Peter Ellis) and he wrote the reason he chose today's music.
"Be thou my vision has been my comfort blanket for as long as I have had faith and the ability to articulate it"

I firmly believe God guided him in his choice.
Mum would have enjoyed the other hymns as well.
Entrance: We have a gospel to proclaim
Gradual : Jesus, good above all other
Post Communion: I heard the voice of Jesus say.

Peter is a former Baptist and says he likes to slide a few hymns under the incense barrier. He has my encouragement.

In the early part of my overseas journey I asked your prayers for my sister when it was discovered she had a melanoma on her back. Her doctor told her this week, after a further operation 2 weeks ago, that all of it has been removed and there are no further signs.

Thanks be to God.


Boaz said...

Blessings to you Brian regarding the day remembering your mum. Glad to hear the good news about your sister.

June Butler said...

Brian, your Eucharist on the memorial of your mother's death sounds beautiful. I love "Be Thou My Vision", too.

Prayers of thanksgiving to God that your sister's melanoma is gone and had not spread.

Davis said...

Lovely hymns for a lovely remembrance. May she rest in Peace and rise in Glory.

Doorman-Priest said...

It did sound very special. Thinking of you.