Saturday, July 19, 2008

Supermarket Shindig

Please can I beat Madpriest to a religious joke.

A man goes to confession and tells his priest that he has sinned but that he would like, one day, to go to heaven. What should he do to get there ?

The priest hears his confession and says to him: " My son, to get to heaven you should give up smoking, gambling, drinking and sex. Live a clean and godly life and surely you will join the angels."

The man takes this on board, goes away, and does his best. But on returning to the confessional the next week he has to admit that not all has gone well.

"Father, I gave up smoking, gambling and drinking. It was hard, but with the grace of God I did it," he said. "But I found I couldn't give up sex. The other day I saw my loving wife, her gorgeous body leaning over the freezer, and I had to make love to her there and then, right on the spot."

The priest was shocked. " My son, they won't like that at all in heaven," he said.

"I understand," said the man. "They weren't too crazy about it in Woolworths, either."


Alcibiades said...

Ok - so you got me laughing so hard I had go and find my Ventolin ;-)

Brian R said...

Oh sorry about that :-)

Boaz said...

Thanks Brian. Very funny. All one can ask of a good joke is that you don't see the punchline coming and this one knocked me over!

June Butler said...

Brian, I don't know if you beat MadPriest, but I read it here first, and I laughed and loved it. Congratulations!