Monday, December 15, 2008

Another link passes

My sister has just rung to tell me that one of Mum's closest friends, Jean, has been called home by God. She was a year or two younger than Mum (who would have been 99 now).
In Mum's last years they would ring each other regularly but both being very deaf would speak across each other which often had me chuckling (Mum had a loud speaker on her phone so I could hear every word). Jean had 3 daughters, the youngest died in a car accident while a teenager, the eldest died of cancer about 10 years ago. So she had sadness in life but did have many grandchildren while Mum had none. The middle daughter came to Mum's memorial service and has had the difficult task of visiting a mother who did not know her in the last few months. Thankfully Mum's mental capacities were good until the last day or two. My sister and I will attend the service next Monday. While a blessed relief, it is still a sad Christmas for the family. My prayers are with them.
I like to think that Mum and her are now chatting and catching up and can both hear each other perfectly.
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon them.


Fran said...

May the angels speed her to paradise!

Many prayers.

Leonard said...

Amen, very sweet, I find some ¨being called to God¨ endings quite own Mom died in her sleep at age 79...quietly, unexpectedly (after a weekend in bed with the flu)...ladies, sweet ladies...goodnight.

June Butler said...

May Jean rest in peace and rise in glory. It's so sad when a death takes place near Christmas.