Thursday, December 04, 2008

I am What I am

Thanks to Doorman-Priest for reminding me of this. Sometime in the 1980's I was taken to see 'La Cage Aux Folles'. I usually avoid Drag shows, they make me uncomfortable (probably connected to my upbringing) so would have been unlikely to attend of my own volition. I saw the show 3 times (only Les Miserables have I seen that many times) and the last time I took my mother and my sister. As I commented on D-P, each time Albin sang 'I am what I am' at the conclusion of Act 1, I had tears streaming down my face. No wonder it became a gay anthem. It was only when I discovered that God truly loved me as I am that I was able to find true happiness.
I know the song became famous as sung by Gloria Gaynor but for me it has more meaning sung by an openly gay man, John Barrowman, who is great eye candy. I chose this version as it explains the setting in case you are unaware. Only problem, it still causes tears.

It has just hit me I am going to a reunion next Saturday night of my class of '88. About the same time. I was completely 'out' at that time and it was difficult, some of the students had difficulty accepting me. A bit nervous about how I will be treated. I had an email a few years ago from one of the students of that year who wrote "although not apparent as a young guy it was important to have people like you in the school. Made life a little easier."
He is on the list of attendees so am looking forward to meeting him. I usually find some other 'family' at such reunions, not always the ones I would have expected when I was their teacher.


Fran said...

What a lovely post Brian.

I love La Cage! And what a great song.

It is great that you got that note from your former student, I will look forward to hearing about your reunion!

Brian R said...

Thanks Fran, will do.

Davis said...

You never know how much you can touch someone's life in a wonderful way. Go and enjoy the evening.

susan s. said...

Great post Brian. Have a good time and let us know about the reunion.

I wondered why D-P mentioned Gloria Gaynor, and now I know. So I was surprised to read this on Wikipedia re an interview on BBC4. "Finally the interviewer asked her about her status as a gay icon. She said she was really pleased with this and that saw it as an opportunity to lead her fans towards Christ. The interviewer then asked several times if there might be a contradiction between her faith and her having a gay fan base, if she considered homosexuality as a sin. Gaynor each time refused to answer the question directly. She only said that she is leading her fans to Christ and what He has to offer to them."

I'm always leery of people who want to lead people toward Christ.

Brian R said...

Thanks Susan. That phrase makes me leery too. Glad I went with John Barrowman although I have no idea of his religious views and frankly do not care, his singing is great and I can look at him smiling with those dimples all day. He pushed some buttons with me when he was in Dr Who but I had no idea he was gay then.

susan s. said...

I think he pushes many buttons for lots of different folks, including me!

Anonymous said...

As a Christian convert from Judaism, I am always amazed at the people who want to lead others toward Christ and at the same time want to force them to change their ways of life. I have even had church people tell me that since I became a Christian, I was no longer Jewish. God looks out for everyone, no matter how they live.