Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seething with anger

Not a good feeling for Christmas Eve but the report has finally been issued on the Arrest and Detention of Dr Mohamed Haneef. It shows just how hopeless and lacking in objectivity is the Australian Federal Police. I have previously called them Kelty's Keystone Kops but there is nothing funny about it. Apparently some of them have been demoted but Kelty should be put out to pasture.

As for the two Ministers, Kevin Andrews and Philip Ruddock, involved, thankfully they are now backbenchers but as I have written to both of them, they should resign as members of parliament as they bring shame to our whole nation. Both of these humbugs have said they are not sorry for protecting Australians. It is Australia that needs protection from them and their disgraceful laws and bigotry. One good thing about the report is that the Howard security laws rushed in after September 11 are to be revised. They were a disgrace to any democratic country. I read Howard refused to give evidence and forbad his staff from doing so. To me that is an indication of guilt. At least we are rid of him.

Sadly Philip Ruddock occasionally worships at St James and my appreciation of the Gospel is ruined as we sit in pews which mean I am looking directly at him during the Gospel reading. I have suggested he join the other right wing bigots in the cathedral. He is a complete hypocrite as shown that, while a member of Amnesty International, he happily imprisoned women and children refugees for years.

I am also very annoyed that the present government has said they do not need to apologise to Dr Haneef as they were not in government at the time. This was also true when the indigenous people of Australia were being abused but thankfully this did not stop the present government from making that wonderful apology. Why is it that liberal (small l) governments seem to be unwilling to upset the conservatives? Our new government, while doing much that is good, has been very disappointing in regards to climate change action and while it has worked for gay rights, these are kept low key in case the conservatives are upset. The same seems to be apparent in some of the early actions of Barack Obama.

Dr Haneef says he holds no grudges against Australia and may even return to live here. The man is a candidate for sainthood in my opinion.

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