Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayers and Thanksgiving

I have just had an email from my sister.

Yesterday I caught my foot on a jutting up footpath tile and fell flat on my face (just outside our building). Luckily didn't break anything but quite a few bruises on chin, hands and knees.
Thanks be to God no breaks and prayers for healing

However today she volunteered as usual at the courts. My sister is a Justice of the Peace and in Australia many legal documents must be signed in front of a JP.

Left North Sydney court, bought a couple of things at supermarket then sat down on station (a very busy station) to wait for train. Caught train and approaching Chatswood (about 15 minute journey) realised I did not have my handbag!!! I raced across to platform 1 where a city train was departing but missed it. Then spoke to rail chap in office on platform. He immediately phoned North Sydney station - waited on phone while the guy at the other end went to check and would you believe, my handbag was still on the seat. I think having a couple of extra bags with sore hands didn't help.
More Thanksgiving
And the reason for my email to her was to ask the time of her cataract eye operation tomorrow. This will be the second eye. The first had some problems with infection but surgeon is not concerned. Prayers please.

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motheramelia said...

Prayers ascending.