Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You have to laugh

Two items in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Our stupid State Government passed a law that anyone annoying a World Youth Day pilgrim could face a fine of $5,500. Fortunately the courts had more sense and it was thrown out yesterday but you have to give it to one of our evango-fundie churches for slick advertising.
"Seen outside All Souls Anglican Church, Leichhardt, on Sunday: 'SAVE $5000 AT WYD. COME HERE AND ANNOY ANGLICANS FOR FREE.' "

and with apologies to my American friends.

"Yesterday an American pilgrim being interviewed on TV was surprised but happy to find that our Mass was the same as theirs in the US," reports Robyn Lewis of Raglan. "It reminded me of an incident in St Paul's (Anglican) Cathedral in London. My husband and daughter were at Morningsong, enjoying the ambience and music. During the Lord's Prayer an American exclaimed 'Golly Gladys, this Lord's Prayer is the same as ours!"'


Davis said...

Divided by a common language - except for the Lord's Prayers... ;-)

susan s. said...

This reminds me of the comment made when the current version of the Lord's Prayer that we use came into being in the '70s.
An older woman in our congregation said she preferred to say it like Jesus had said it. Need I say she was referring to the King James Version?
I don't think she was familiar with Aramaic.