Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New House

I have paid the 10% deposit for a house in the suburb of Brockville, Dunedin so, as promised, am posting some photos.  The first is from the official advertisement.

The next is one I took myself from the front gate.

And the last, while taken over the top of the roof, indicates the view from the kitchen window of part of Dunedin and the ocean.
 I should settle on February 25th but just when I will move in depends on the arrival of my furniture. I am waiting to hear if it has even left Sydney yet.


Fran said...

Wow! Great to see this - it looks lovely Brian!

Birdie said...

Well, that was fast. Or had you already narrowed it down to this house? Take lots of "before" shots so you can compare the changes you make. Although from what I can see, no changes needed. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Let me know when you move in. I shall come and stay in a spare bedroom. Sorry I won't be staying longer than 3 months.

Brian R said...

LOL Father.
Careful it is only 2100 km from Jensen land

Anonymous said...

I have just realised I can't come after all.

Anonymous said...

Brian, glad you've got settled so quickly. Surely you miss all the drama in Jensen land! Never a dull moment!

Cheers from Sydney Sider

toujoursdan said...

What a great view!

Anonymous said...

Congrats...I could do wonders with that backyard/patio area...but then, you probably can too! Lovely, simply the best and the VIEW!

(sometimes my Google isn´t working but I was able to update my blog until it stopped working...I was a little backed up...whew!)

motheramelia said...

Brian, it looks great. I'll be you can't wait to move in. Hope your furniture arrives soon.