Saturday, February 06, 2010

Some Photos

Some commenters have asked for photos. I have not done much actual sightseeing so far, there have been more important matters. However on Friday afternoon I walked through the university to the Botanical Gardens. One third of the population of Dunedin are university students who are now beginning to return for the new academic year.  I took a photo of the clock tower.

I visited the gardens in November 2008 when the azaleas and rhododendrons were in full bloom and will keep those photos until November comes round again. My previous home was full of azaleas but I was not able to do so well with rhodos - probably not cool enough.

At this time of the year the roses are in full bloom.

I was resting after my walk when the phone rang just after 4pm. The car salesman was ringing to say my car which had not been expected until Monday afternoon at the earliest was ready for collection. I rushed to the bank which closes at 4.30 to obtain a bank cheque, driving the car they had loaned me mainly for the weekend and which I had only so far driven 3km through the city traffic.

Then I had to drive my brand new car with 16km on the clock back through the traffic to the hotel. This afternoon I have taken it about 70 km to a beach (Warrington Beach) area of north of the city.
And photographed the new beast.

 I returned over the hills which look down on the Otago Harbour.


Leonard said...

Happy Brian,

The place is's wonderful you've taken this big step forward to surround yourself with even more lovliness and charm.

Abrazos fuerte,

motheramelia said...

I've heard that the Dunedin area is lovely and these pictures prove it. Nice car too. I do hope you many happy years there.

toujoursdan said...

I love Dunedin. It's a beautiful area.

June Butler said...

Gorgeous flowers. Beautiful beach. It seems you've moved to Eden, Brian.

Fran said...

Wow - thanks for the photos. I am glad to see all these sights. I keep you in my prayers as you make this big transition!

Birdie said...

These are great photos. That last one reminds me a little of Scotland: rolling hills of green squares. I'm such an armchair tourist. I love to go along on other people's journeys.