Friday, February 01, 2008

Jensens and music

I am grateful to Madpriest for the following link.
How does he keep up with it all? He (living in Northern England) has posted titbits from the Sydney Morning Herald before I have even collected it from the front lawn.

Archbishop of Sydney 'vandalising' Anglican culture.

In case you do not read him, Peter Phillips, Director of the Tallis Scholars, has written an article accusing the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, and his brother Philip, the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral, of vandalising Anglican music and culture in their city.

I would not even bother visiting the cathedral anymore. I believe the numbers are falling. Across the city at St James, King Street music is a very important part of worship. During January and continuing next week there has been a series of orchestral masses (yes the word mass in an Anglican church within the Sydney Diocese) by Charpentier, Haydn and Rheinberger. The church is always packed for such events even during the holiday season downunder.

Jensen was on TV during the week visiting St James for the annual Law service. It was a surprise to see him in his Bishop's robes, well what has always passed for bishop's robes here in Sydney, no cope or mitre here. Guess he would have felt a bit dowdy in his usual suit, tie and academic gown when all the judges were wearing red gowns and full wigs.
I do wonder what goes through his mind as he observes the crucifix on the wall behind the pulpit. A comment on Madpriest's blog referred to the altar in St Andrew's cathedral. Tut, tut, there is no altar in Sydney's cathedral. The communion table on wheels is only brought out when necessary. We do not want anything sacramental to be on display. Really communion is so unimportant we can leave it to the laity. I mean, give the women a job where they feel important, it is only like serving at tables anyway. Allow the men to do the real job of pontificating from the pulpit. And they still call themselves Anglican?????

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Alcibiades said...

Yes - but the women mustn't offer communion if any men are present. We can't have the Taliban looking more extreme than Sydney, can we now? ;-)