Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Good News from New Zealand

Emigrating gets more and more likely.
From the Guardian
Interesting times beckon in Antipodean Anglicanism, where the former Canadian bishop Victoria Matthews - narrowly beaten to become Canada's primate last summer - has been elected Bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand, a place she has never visited. She is a theological conservative who nevertheless voted that gay partnerships do not violate core church doctrines, which should bring her into interesting relations with the arch-conservative Archbishop of Sydney across the Tasman Sea, Peter Jensen, who does not believe that women should be put in charge of anything, least of all a church.
Apparently her appointment still has to be ratified by the NZ Bishops and General Synod but she is not the first woman to be appointed a Bishop in NZ (Bishop Penny Jamieson was Bishop of Dunedin). +Jensen ignored her when she visited Sydney.
I remember fondly my visit to the Cathedral at Christchurch in November 2006

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