Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's be optimistic.

So much news in Anglicandom is depressing and complicated that I think I will post from Rev Susan Russell
For you see, their coup d’état has failed.

It becomes increasingly clear ...
  • that Lambeth Conference will happen,
  • the the Primates have played their cards and are done calling the shots,
  • that the American Episcopal Church will NOT be voted off the Anglican Island,
  • that blessings and ordinations will continue to happen,
  • that gay and lesbian clergy will continue to courageously live into their episcopal vocations and that the church will be enriched by their witness
  • that they are not going to get to create their own "parallel jurisdiction" and call it Anglican
and from my good friend Davis, in a comment at Mad Priest's place

Count me as one gay Yank who is not threatened by this. I cannot see it as anything but temporary.

The times they are a changin' no matter what the extreme right may think.

Now to go and pray that it may be so.

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