Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sydney alone among the Aussies, Yeah

As I expected, Sydney is almost alone.
Bishops condemn Sydney dissent
THE Anglican Primate of Australia, Phillip Aspinall, said yesterday that it was difficult to understand the decision by the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, to boycott this year's Lambeth Conference, as virtually all Australian bishops declined to support Dr Jensen.

The Bishop of Newcastle, Brian Farran, said he was boycotting the "Futures" conference for conservative Anglican bishops being organised by Dr Jensen.
Dr Aspinall said: "I think the only way we can really address issues of deep difference in the life of the church is to come together, pray together, study the scriptures and speak openly with each other. That some bishops seem willing to forgo this important opportunity is disappointing."

I am pleased to see Bishop Brain of Armidale is not in support. He is from Sydney. There is no comment from North West Australia, where Bishop Mulready is also from Sydney.
The only other possibilities are the 2 extreme anglo-catholic dioceses in Victoria, no news yet. They make very strange bed-fellows for Sydney but are linked over their opposition to women priests.

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Aghaveagh said...

Good grief, what a dysfunctional place. When I get down about being in the Diocese of San Joaquin, I think,

"...on the other hand, I could be in Sydney!"

At least some bishops are calling him on his decision.