Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on the the letter to +Jensen

In case you are one of the few who might read here and not visit Caliban's Dream, please go visit. His report on what is happening regarding this letter in an ordinary Sydney parish has cheered me up immensely. I know my sister has spread it around many friends, good Anglican ladies who are keen to have a copy and send it individually. My sister may be slightly biased with her younger brother, but these ladies do not know my deep dark secret. My mother loved me unconditionally but she had a silly idea that my sexuality might be her fault and she would rather her friends did not know. (She was 96 when she died 18 months ago). I always respected her wishes and have only become more public since her death. Hopefully the Jensenites will find that their hard-line stand is not as accepted as they believe even in their own diocese. It is certainly becoming clear that they are a very small grouping in the Worldwide Anglican Communion.


June Butler said...

It is certainly becoming clear that they are a very small grouping in the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

And getting smaller each day, IMHO. The young people mostly don't care about sexual orientation. Thanks be to God.

I'm cheered that your sister and her friends have taken up the cause. And your mother thought it may be her fault that you were gay. Now she knows better.

Alcibiades' post is quite encouraging, too. I love the comments from the lady in her nineties.

Anonymous said...

Sort of on a side note, I'm touched by your comment about your mother, and her belief that she might have done something "wrong" to affect your sexual orientation. This may help explain to me a situation I know of, in which a gay man and his mother appear to be quite devoted to one another, but the mother resolutely takes the most homphobic stands in her position as "pillar of the church" (not that I'm suggesting your mother did the same). Perhaps the mother in my story is suffering from a sort of internalized homophobia herself, which prevents her from promoting her son's free and full acceptance into the community....thanks for bringing up a facet of this issue which I had not considered before.