Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?"

No, I do not expect any men to turn out with swords but I do wish we could be rid of the Jensens and all their cronies. After reading yesterday that Akinola claimed the Sydney bishops would not be attending Lambeth, I searched for the evidence without success. I need not have wasted my time as the first news this morning had me jumping out of bed quivering with rage. It took a while to settle myself to my regular scripture reading. Yes, although a gay Anglo-catholic, I read my Bible every morning.
Sydney's bishops to snub summit.
The online photo is different from the one in the paper version. (above)
I do not know which one is more accurate. The online one shows him in collar and tie, apparently ashamed of his status as a bishop. The one in the paper while taken on one of those few occasions when he was wearing episcopal robes illustrates his viewpoint that he knows everything, how dare you think otherwise. (Why does it remind me of Phelps?)
I am adding some of the comments from Thinking Anglicans that display my views.
Oh well, never mind.
Posted by: Wilf

Yes, because, of course, the worst possible way to heal divisions in an organization is to gather and talk with those you may disagree with. The best way is to meet only with those who agree with you in another place and make plans to form a separate organization.

Yes, that's the way to healing.
Posted by: Pat O'Neill

It's probably very true to say that their presence wouldn't help heal the divisions within the communion
Posted by: James Rigney

Will they now stop going to the annual Australian bishops' conference as well? Please?
Posted by: Mrs Barlow

How childish can you get? "I'm not coming to your party!!"

I'll second the general thrust of Pat O'Neill's sarcastic comments too.
Posted by: Tim

... have decided not to attend the Lambeth Conference ...

... remain fully committed to the Anglican Communion ...

Posted by: Mark Bennet

God be praised. I would always appreciate from people of Jensen's 'heart' to stay home instead, wishing they knew more about people's sex lives or whatever ticks them off...
Posted by: Leonel

This IS good news! Now, perhaps Sydney will do Australian Anglicans a favor too, and stay away from their General Synod. GOOD RIDDANCE, I say!
Posted by: Kurt

>>the Archbishop and Bishops of the Diocese of Sydney ... remain fully committed to the Anglican Communion ... but sense that attending the Conference at this time will not help heal its divisions.

And exactly what is it, oh wise Australian Sydney bishops, that will help heal divisions?

Can't say I'm surprised, on one level, part of me can't say I'm bothered. From what I know of the Australian Church, there are plenty of people there that would much rather the Sydney diocese and its leadership would stay at home more often.

On another level, very sad that anyone decides they do not wish to be there this Summer - regardless of their churchmanship. It's another nail in the coffin of Anglican unity because some of those who are considered (at least by those who appointed them) to be our great and good, who are supposed to show leadership, humility, wisdom, faith and love by example to the rest of us, decide they'd much rather take their ball home and act like children than play with someone who might actually share a different opinion to their own.
Posted by: David

Well, as Jed Bartlet used to say "Decisions are made by those who show up". You don't show up, you don't get to complain about the decisions.

Posted by: Justin Lewis-Anthony

Oh the humanity. Jensen is speaking for himself and the other five bishops in the Diocese of Sydney. His title "Archbishop" derives purely from the fact that he is the bishop of Sydney. Sydney is a part of the Province of New South Wales of which he is metropolitan which means little as far as telling bishops what to do.

Appearances are not what they seem. I wonder if Akinola knows he's running with small fry, or if he's instead taking advantage of the difficulty in making these distinctions.
Posted by: John B. Chilton

and they should have added...

" And we shall be signing lay presidency into action shortly after Lambeth, which will rock the Angllican Communion to the core.
So we do not want to sign up to any wishy washy Covenant that infringes our jurisdictional independence, and stops that legitimate Biblical development, freeing Anglicanism from the last vestiges of priestcraft. "
Posted by: Robert Ian Williams

Broad tent Anglicans still live in Sydney. Do not underestimate Australians’ stoicism. The harder souls attempt to suppress and oppress Aussies, the greater their commitment to freedom and their determination increases inside their cores (we're very Jewish, in that sense).

There are still many examples of broad tent Christianity in Sydney. Many members and leaders of various faith communities are doing excellent work at peace making, revering Creation, offering hospitality, nurturing the poor, allowing souls to develop and manifest their gifts (including females). Secular leaders have continued to show more awe of God than some religious leaders.

The current communion is being divided, into those who abhor violence and desire peace, and those who crave power and vilification.
Posted by: Cheryl Va. Clough

Perhaps TEC and the AngChurchAustralia can compare notes?

* How to restart a diocese (San Joaquin, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh)
* How to restart an Archdiocese (Sydney).

The important thing: as the wonderful people of "Remain Episcopal" (San Joaquin) have taught us, how BLESSED it is when the Anglican faith is FREE to be practiced again!

Better times in Sydney ARE coming. Alleluia! :-D

[Lord have mercy on the Brothers Jensen---and on us all.]
Posted by: JCF

When I was young we used to make fun of the "double speak" of the soviets, now I live under a president in the US who has done nothing but double speak for seven years. How sad an archbishop of my church must speak this disingenuous language as well.
Posted by: Canon G

I only wish it were possible for the comments of JCF to be true. Sadly there seems to be little objection from within the Diocese. I understand the unwillingness of priests to put their heads on the line but would like more laypeople to speak out. Very little comes from Anglicans Together. I have heard nothing since the dinner last October. Must we leave it to those like Muriel Porter from Melbourne.
I see the Rev Robert Wheeler at St Peter's Cremorne is retiring this month. Hope they can find a suitable replacement but almost has to be from outside the Diocese and who of integrity would want to come and work in Sydney at the moment?
I will have to post again soon, I could not stand to have that creepy photo on the first page for too long.


Davis said...

The Noble Wolf is on the prowl! Thinking Anglicans will never be the same!

Anonymous said...

As an Episcopalian who lives in Brooklyn, NY, I find Sydney Anglicanism very odd, Brian. The Jensenites seem to revel in promoting a neo-Puritanism in worship. It’s a style that is very jarring to someone like myself who unused to it.

New York City, of course, has been generally High Church in temperament since at least the establishment (by Royal Charter) of Trinity Church Wall Street in 1697. This High Church tradition was carried on when the Episcopal Diocese of New York was founded in 1785. (Our first Bishop, Dr. Samuel Prevoost, was consecrated in 1787.)

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

Brian R said...

Thanks for visiting, Kurt. I enjoyed visiting your cathedral last April. I also peeped in the door of Trinity Church (service going on). Unfortunately not there on a Sunday but I had attended eucharist in Philadelphia with Davis (above).
Yes I grew up with the evangelicalism of Sydney but it was not nearly so extreme when I was active in the 60's. It was still recognisably Anglican in those days.